Our Products...‚Äč

For that Charming Look You Always Wanted.

We have endeavored to always use as many organic products as possible. 
Products that are both season and effective are used in our Spa for treatments taking you on a journey into the rich and ancient Africa/Asian culture.

  • Face & Body packs
  • Facial & Body Scrub
  • Spot removing soap/creams
  • Body moisturizing creams
  • Lightening creams
  • Breast Enlarging/ Firming cream, oil & capsules
  • Breast reducing cream, gels & oils
  • Vaginal tightening soap & cream
  • Lightening powder
  • Hair treatments for hair growth
  • Body massage oils
  • Waist & tummy reducing gels/oils
  • Weight & tummy reduction
  • Weightloss tea & capsules and
  • General beauty items